The Current Status of "Dust"
by Jairus Elarbee on June 6th, 2016

For those of you who have been following the development of this game in it's various forms, this post is meant to give you an update on it's present status. Additionally, it will contain details on what Matthew, Gordon, and I are planning on for the game's future.
  • The game is essentially feature complete. At this point all major mechanical elements of game play have been finished and are just receiving refinement. We are happy with the current arc of the game play, and only plan to make small tweaks moving forward to streamline actions of the players, and remove unnecessary features that slow down the core game. 
  • The game has received extensive internal play testing, and now we're hoping to move forward to play tests outside of our friends and developers. As part of this we plan to produce a semi-professional prototype that is more approachable to new players, with the eventual goal of moving to blind play tests. The tasks remaining before we print the prototype are finalizing the Awakeners victory condition, creating the icons for the hero abilities, and writing out a rule book.
  • Though our name through development has been called "Dust," that isn't going to be the final name of the game, as another game already exists with the title. Our current plan is to investigate the name Endless for the project, and determine if a trademark could be placed on that name. Should that be fruitless, we'll continue to think of other names.
  • The final major task facing us before we could produce the game for market is acquiring original artwork for the game. As it stands, the game is filled with placeholder work from countless sources. To move forward on this, we are looking for an artist with a portfolio containing work consistent with style we are seeking for the project to produce some key artwork. From there, we will seek art work for both faction heroes, sigils, and technologies.
That is in a nutshell where we stand on the project. Do you have any suggestions on where to find artists for fantasy work, or thoughts on the direction or name of the game?

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