Current Status of Endless
by Jairus Elarbee on June 30th, 2016

Hello everyone! Some updates on where we are and where we're going this month:
  • Nearly all card back art is done. The only remaining artwork to complete is the card back art for the spell casters and updating the Ancient Hero art work to the proper resolution. This can all be found on the Endless page of this very website as well as this blog post!
  • Progress on artwork for Hero actions is the next step. We know what most need to look like, all that remains is to draw them out. Further we're planning to update the templating of most of the cards in the game.
  • Most of the remaining tasks from the last update remain in front of us: Writing out the rule book, acquiring artists to design original artwork for the project, and printing a professional prototype for broader playtesting.
So that's where we stand. We'd love to hear your thoughts on the artwork, as well as the direction of the project!

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