Introducing the Developers

So from time to time, I'm going to feature the writings and works of my fellow developers on the Endless project here on the blog, so I thought it time we presented the full team. With each person is a quick bio written by the person in question.
​         Jairus Elarbee is an Athens based game developer with B. S. in Physics from Georgia College and State University. He enjoys tinkering with systems, learning about the world, and fixing sources of inefficiency. For these reasons Jairus seeks to study engineering as a profession to put these characteristics to use improving the world. Among his hobbies are ballroom and swing dancing, as well as playing and designing strategy and role playing games. 
        The second is one of my closest friends, Matthew Hall, who has had the core ideas around which our game is based. He's been making games his whole life, but our time working together goes back to high school.
​​​           Matthew Hall is a writer and game developer with a B.A. in English from the University of Georgia. All of his fiction and games take place in the same universe, called the Worldring, which has expanded slowly with time to include a vast host of colorful characters and dynamic settings. Matthew is married to his high school sweetheart, and together he and his wife founded the Inklings of Athens, a group of fantasy and science fiction writers. Matthew is pursuing law as a vocation, and has an interest in logic puzzles, balance of power, and geopolitics. Making games is his way of bringing the two sides of his interests together. In the world of Endless, his flagship game, the fantastical factions of the Worldring are pitted against each other in a battle of wits, magic and occasionally, all out cosmic war.

        ​The final one the introduce Gordon Purcell, another of my good friends. He's been a valuable partner towards the completion of the project, offering valuable input and motivation. Below is his bio in his own words.

​            Gordon Purcell is a graduate student studying modern Italian history at the University of Georgia. A newcomer to the Worldring mythos and Endless, he was captured shortly after meeting Matthew by the story and has helped Matthew and Jairus where he could ever since. Approaching tabletops and world building from a historical perspective, he injects a note of real-world flavor into the game. His favorite factions to play are Athens, The Awakeners, and Unitas.
​​So look forward to some contributions from them in the future. ​You can check the author on a post to find out who wrote any given article.

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