Lore Look: A Report on the War with Mondria
by Gordon Purcell on July 14th, 2016

The following is an imagined war correspondent's piece on a conflict between the Mondrien and Athenian factions in the game. Mondria and Athens are pitted against each other in one of the set scenarios of the game, and often find themselves at odds even in free play. This article is meant to give you a less mechanical more flavorful taste of the Athens faction.

        The outlook from the peaks of the Mondrien Mountains is a bleak one. For the last four months Athenian soldiers have been dug in at positions surrounding this recently captured elven village, renamed Firebase Alpha by CO Reece Gravenor. This position represents the total progress of the war to deter elven aggression in the lands south of the Berg Sea. Each day, grimly determined young humans and goblins meet their ends by the dozens as reinforcements arrive from Nova Roma in transport ships. The aim of this offensive was to capture Endree-by-the-Sea, thereby paralyzing Mondrien colonial forces and dealing a swift knockout blow that would bring the Faery Queen to the bargaining table. After the battle of the Delaplane Islands, victory seemed sure. Now, as one looks out upon the huge numbers pouring out of the Endree mirror, that victory seems ever less likely.

Artist’s depiction

        One goblin soldier, Pvt. Fabius Cicero, said “It bad here. Humans load us into the catapults, an we kills a bunch of elves, but they gots more and more.” When asked what he thought would improve the situation, Private Cicero answered “More guns! More guns! We shoots the elves, but we need more guns if we gonna kill ‘em all.” When asked for comment, the Office of Supreme Leader Berg issued this statement: “The solution to this ongoing conflict is not more of the same tired strategic thinking. Supreme Countess Berg is working tirelessly to implement a shift in strategy which will lead to the swiftest possible conclusion of this conflict. All citizens are encouraged to be diligent in their duties to make the state strong enough to overcome the recent adversity, and are reminded that dissent is punishable by death.” Of course, strategy shifts as outlined by the OSL tend to mean the nuclear option.

​​Mayguard, following the Prosperity Initiative trade negotiations

        Recently, there is some evidence to suggest this is what command is working towards. Crews of goblin construction workers and building materials have begun to arrive under the supervision of Thomas the Lawspeaker. When asked about his role in operations at Firebase Alpha, he replied “Not what I’d like. If I had my way, I’d march every soldier out of here and nail those smug elf b------s to the wall.” When pressed about the construction equipment, he explained “It’s the new initiative. Knife-ears know most of our nuclear arsenal can’t fly all the way from the silos in Athens to Endree, so we’re capitalizing on our assets by turning this base into something that can churn out troopers by the dozen while building silos here and threatening to go all Dr. Strangelove on them.” Answering a final question about the likelihood of a nuclear strike, the Lawspeaker smiled and pointed to ships arriving from Nova Roma “Let’s just say those things aren’t loaded with candy and down pillows.”

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